Empowering E-Commerce Success

The Changing Face of E-Commerce Logistics

At the DHL Global Technology Conference 2018 in Austin, TX, Craig Morris—Global Product Head Fulfillment at DHL eCommerce—spoke about changes in e-commerce and implications for the supply chain. Watch a brief excerpt here:

In his presentation, Craig speaks about the changing U.S. e-commerce market, which currently represents about 15% of overall retail sales—with fairly robust growth over the last 5-6 years, accelerating year-over-year. With innovation being the most prominent driver of growth, voice controlled devices are removing a tremendous amount of friction from the buying process, making it easier and more convenient.

Another interesting development Craig discusses is the blurring line between traditional e-commerce and brick-and-mortar commerce as the two converge. He talks about someone physically visiting a store and trying out an item, which they may want in a size or color which is unavailable on-site. Nowadays, there are new interfaces inside stores that can show a consumer how they would look—for example—in a different color dress that may be out of stock at a particular location. If the consumer likes how the item looks within this interface, they can place an order within the store and have it delivered directly to their home. This type of buying experience is only one example of how e-commerce is driving a new retail experience and changing the way consumers shop at stores.

To view the full presentation from the conference, go to: https://www.logistics.dhl/global-en/home/industry-sectors/technology/technology-conferences.html


The DHL Global Technology Conference is well established as an industry platform and networking event, each year building on the strengths and successes of previous editions. Attendees come from many of the most successful and influential businesses in the world. In 2018, delegates included more than 300 technology industry supply chain experts and senior-level decision makers. During the conference, industry leaders and visionaries participated in lively discussions and debates around the theme of “Pushing the Limits.”

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