Empowering E-Commerce Success

Looking to Revamp Your Outdated Returns Policy?

Back in the day, when you wanted to return a purchased item, most people would go through a familiar routine: search around the house to find the receipt, drive back to the store and stand in line to get your money back or receive store credit.

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Why 2017 is the Best Year Ever to Update Your Returns Strategy

One thing’s for sure: No one likes returns. And I mean no one. They’re costly, they’re a pain for your warehouse and they’re a constant reminder that, no matter how much effort goes into wooing a customer to click ‘buy’, a good sale can always go bad. While retailers are always looking for new ways…

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Get a Tighter Grip on Your Returns Process

If you are in the online retail business, you know the challenge of returns! Retailers often refer to returns as a necessary evil. The Wall Street Journal estimates that on average, 30% of all online purchases are returned, and return rates for certain categories can reach 50% or higher. Some may think that with the increasing maturity…

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