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The Rise of M-Commerce: How Smartphones Are Influencing the Way Consumers Shop E-Commerce

Consumers are becoming more mobile-dependent thanks to a host of technological advances making it easier to shop online. As m-commerce becomes the future for a complete online shopping experience, it’s no secret businesses are investing in this next big trend. From browsing products online, to going through the check-out process, to final-mile delivery to the doorstep, it’s important to create a fluid shopping experience across multiple platforms in order to keep customers coming back.

With smartphone adoption rising year-over-year, there are now over 125 million smartphone users in the U.S., of which 62% have made an e-commerce purchase with their mobile device. Studies now show that in the U.S., we spend more than 4 hours a day on our smartphones. Mobile devices have taken the e-commerce experience beyond speed and cost, and placed an emphasis on choice and control. Now more than ever, consumers are searching for products using their phones rather than desktops, making it essential for businesses to adapt to consumer behavior and create an enjoyable mobile consumer experience. Smartphone devices are the new TV remote… but rather than bringing you your favorite shows instantly, they bring goods and services right to your doorstep.

This shift in consumer behavior is, however, causing retailers to tread carefully as they realize consumers are increasingly demanding control and full visibility in the delivery process. According to OuterBox, 40% of consumers who have a negative mobile ordering experience will go to a competitor for future purchases. From real-time tracking of their goods to delivery notifications and delivery method options, any misstep in the consumer m-commerce experience can be quite costly to the retailer, since 47% of consumers will not order from a retailer again if they have poor visibility into their shipment status. So how do you ensure a positive m-commerce experience? Make sure you are offering:

  • Multiple delivery options at checkout
  • Consumer real-time tracking
  • Consumer shipping notifications
  • Delivery window options

With retailers now positioning their inventory closer to their customers, many look to the 7,000 carriers nationwide to provide local options for final-mile delivery, thereby offering faster delivery options. Carrier options range from traditional providers to regional carriers, metro couriers and crowd-based providers such as Postmates, UberRush and Instacart. And just as the ordering and checkout process is important to consumers, the final-mile delivery is critical in order to fully complete an enjoyable consumer ordering experience. Creating a consistent mobile experience across local providers becomes increasingly difficult as final-mile tracking, consumer-to-driver communication and rescheduling are contingent on integration. Due to varying technological competencies, this can be a difficult task for retailers. As a result, maintaining a consistent delivery experience from Manhattan Beach, CA to Manhattan, NY becomes that much more challenging without considerable investments in integrations by the retailer.

DHL Parcel Metro takes the stress out of managing local logistics in major U.S. cities while providing a consistent delivery experience for the consumer. We manage the fragmented delivery landscape and provide consistency across many different types of players with tech-enabled features to enhance your customer’s delivery experience. By offering real-time tracking visibility with customizable consumer notifications, consumers feel like they are in control of their delivery process. With customizable branding options available, you will provide a seamless shopping experience for your consumers, all while maintaining your brand presence.

Our local services provide a flexible and affordable same-day last-mile delivery experience. Currently offered in Chicago and Los Angeles—and soon New York City—DHL Parcel Metro offers a solution beyond the local providers leveraging best-in-class technology, world-class logistics know-how, all through a single integration.

If you are interested in our services, contact us at DHLParcelMetro@dhl.com or online at dhl-usa.com/ecommerce.



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