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In U2’s “Where the streets have no name,” Bono longs for a world where religion or social status isn’t prejudged by the street where a person lives, as was common in Belfast, IE, his hometown. Wow, that’s deep… I just thought he was talking about Costa Rica.

For decades Costa Rica has gone without formal addressees or street names.  Instead Costa Ricans have relied on descriptive landmarks and directions, e.g., “70 meters west of the general cemetery” or “200 meters north of the corner market.” You think your job is tough – think about the Costa Rican postman or, worse, ambulance driver! Since 2012, the country has been working to introduce a standardized address system, but adoption is slow to take hold. The safer way to ensure successful CR delivery is to use a P.O. box… where there’s a little less room for interpretation.

U2’s homeland, Ireland, wasn’t doing so well in the address department either. Prior to 2016, Ireland didn’t have a postcode system. As a result, 35% of addresses in Ireland were non-unique, creating significant challenges for delivery agents. However, the Eircode system has been recently established to sort that all out.

The diversity of countries on this planet is fascinating, but it can create challenges for your global business. At DHL eCommerce, we are committed to help remove these barriers. For most of our B2C shipping solutions we include global address validation, make format corrections, or collect more address information when needed to ensure a smooth delivery.

If you’re in the business of international e-commerce, be sure to give us a call to see how we can help make it easy for you to sell anywhere around the globe – even where the streets have no name.

To learn more, visit us at dhl-usa.com/en/ecommerce or call 1-800- 805-9306.

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