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It’s the action that starts and completes every online order—and the name of our blog on all things e-commerce. Whether you’re looking for expert insights and tips or the latest in e-commerce and logistics, you’ve come to the right place. Here the focus is helping you grow your business—because at DHL eCommerce, our mission is making sure you maximize your e-commerce success.

  • DHL eCommerce launches Fulfillment Center in Sydney

    The Fulfillment Center will provide overseas merchants with fast, flexible shipping that integrates inbound freight, inventory, and last mile delivery in a single consolidated service. New facility in Sydney, Australia offers flexible, fully-integrated inventory management and last-mile delivery for international brands and retailers DHL eCommerce “Plug-and-play” system allows retailers to scale globally, quickly and easilyContinue Reading →

  • Selling Abroad Means Dealing with Customs

    Which of these merchandise shipments will get stuck in Customs abroad? Pencils to Tunisia Toothbrushes to Algeria Eyeglasses to Uruguay Matching shoes to Mexico, South Africa and India Baby strollers to Canada Toys to Italy The answer is, all of them! (Well, actually, wooden toys to Italy are permitted.) As an online retailer, international expansionContinue Reading →

  • Are YOU Ready for Peak?

    Peak season is the most challenging time of the year for e-commerce merchants and their fulfillment/shipping partners due to drastic volume fluctuations. Proper planning and choosing a reliable and flexible partner like DHL eCommerce are the keys to success! When the last days of summer have passed and the leaves start to fall, we lookContinue Reading →

  • Are You Export Compliant?

    As an online retailer, international expansion opens a vast market for your products. However, many new international sellers don’t realize U.S. export law has some very specific requirements, and the consequences for non-compliance can be serious—including large fines and even jail time. As a trusted international brand, DHL eCommerce has robust systems in place toContinue Reading →

  • Take Your E-Commerce Deliveries to the MAX!

    DHL has launched a new premium USPS Workshare delivery service level, DHL SmartMail Parcel Expedited Max, which offers 2- or 3-day U.S. delivery at a highly competitive price. Final delivery to the doorstep is a core part of any e-commerce transaction. It is critical to the customer experience, and when it goes well it canContinue Reading →

  • E-Commerce Supply Chains Adapt to New Market Realities

    Two things never change about the e-commerce consumer: They want whatever they just bought as quickly as possible. They want their shipping free. This is the ultimate paradox for the e-commerce merchant—to drive speed into the supply chain, while at the same time trying to maintain or even reduce supply chain costs. Just a fewContinue Reading →

  • Don’t Miss These Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

    It’s time to prep for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. If you’re an online retailer, this is most likely going to be the busiest 2 months for your business – and there are many things to prepare for! Check out our holiday schedule to make sure you ship your gifts on orContinue Reading →

  • It’s Time to Say “Hasta la Vista” to Bad Address Data

    Are you negatively impacting your customer experience with bad address data? Recently, my cousin moved to Germany and with her first birthday away from home approaching fast, I wanted to purchase a gift from one of her favorite merchants in the U.S. Her birthday passed and she never made mention of receiving my gift. Naturally,Continue Reading →

  • The Growing Demand for International Returns

    As consumers become more educated on efficient ways to purchase goods abroad, merchants are increasingly expected to provide a localized buying experience for their international customers. Gone are the days when consumers would dive into the murky waters of international commerce at the risk of their own wallet. Merchants have wised up to the factContinue Reading →

  • The Death of Global Payments

    The global payments industry is only a few decades old. From its inception, it has primarily consisted of Payments Solution Providers (“PSPs”) that provide hundreds of alternative payment types and offer transactions in local currency to the consumer. PSPs helped simplify the process of collecting money from the global consumer and remitting money back intoContinue Reading →

  • Coming to Terms with Export Financing Options for Your Small Business

    Is your business one of the nearly 300,000 small and medium sized U.S. enterprises (SMEs) that exports? Are you reaching any of the 95 percent of consumers who live outside of our borders? If not, you have probably considered how international trade could transform your sales and drive future growth.  You’ve probably also found that the challengeContinue Reading →

  • Does Your Fulfillment Partner’s Technology Enable or Hinder Your Success? (The Important Role Technology Plays in E-Commerce Fulfillment)

    Merchants are finding that it’s increasingly difficult for their fulfillment partner to support the ever-changing technology demands of today’s omnichannel environment. With an estimated 95% of retailers defining their retail strategy as “omnichannel,” this presents significant challenges for merchants. Typically, fulfillment companies focus inwardly on technologies to support their operations and leave the omnichannel decision-makingContinue Reading →

  • What’s All This Talk About Tax ID?

    What Is a Tax ID and Why Is It Required For Some Countries? For popular destination countries such as Brazil, China, South Korea and Russia, an individual tax ID is required for some or all products in order to perform an import on behalf of the consumer, the official Importer of Record. For these topContinue Reading →

  • How Export Compliance Will Keep You Out of Trouble

    As an online retailer, shipping your products around the world really demonstrates your ambition for the sustainable success of your business. So, give yourself a pat on the back. However, with your desire to succeed comes a new set of rules when selling to consumers worldwide. As an international shipper, you are responsible for following allContinue Reading →

  • USPS Sets May 31 Implementation Date for Price Changes

    The USPS has two separate and distinct product categories—Market Dominant Products and Competitive Products. The categories look like this: Market Dominant Products                      Competitive Products First-Class Mail (Letters & Flats)            •   First-Class Package Service Standard Mail        Continue Reading →

  • 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fulfillment Partner

    Looking to outsource your order fulfillment? Online trends toward faster and cheaper delivery are just two big factors supporting inventory localization. However, for small to mid-sized merchants, placing inventory within a two-day ground shipment of your customers may be difficult to accomplish. The following 5 factors will help you choose the best fulfillment partner toContinue Reading →

  • Becoming an Active Leader – The Key to Success

    In 2009, our parent company—Deutsche Post DHL Group—introduced a strategy with three core objectives: to be the provider of choice for our customers, an attractive investment for shareholders, and the employer of choice for our employees. These goals are all closely related; satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers, on whom the economic success of theContinue Reading →

  • How the Mobile Revolution Will Affect Etailers in 2015

    Mobile e-commerce is gaining strong momentum, and it’s going to be even more important for etailers to take advantage of it this year. Here are a few ways this continued mobile revolution is going to affect etailers in 2015. Mobile Security Needs to Be Air-Tight Smartphones have grown so sophisticated that I think the termContinue Reading →

  • Save Your Customers from Unwanted Surprises

    Have you ever wondered what international consumers find so intriguing about U.S. shopping sites? There is a mix of factors—including the large variety of products, high quality, low risk of knock-off goods, and lack of availability in other countries—that encourages people to buy from overseas retailers. But whatever the attraction is for an individual, we knowContinue Reading →

  • The Beginning of a Logistics Evolution

    “The only thing we know about today is that tomorrow will be different.” As an e-commerce company, staying relevant is paramount. This includes maintaining a clear understanding of market trends and ensuring Cost, Convenience and Customer Experience are taken into consideration (amongst other things) to deliver the best products to market and quality service toContinue Reading →

  • How to Get Your Customers Over the Post-Holiday Attitude Slump

    Why does it seem that time moves so slow leading up to the holidays, and then they’re over in an instant? After successfully completing the whirlwind of the biggest online shopping season thus far – it’s back to reality for you and your business. In fact, this season’s e-commerce spending rose to $48.3 billion, aContinue Reading →

  • Solving Your Customers’ 3 Biggest Return Complaints

    It is not uncommon that the deciding factor when purchasing an item online is the merchant’s return policy—and according to The Wall Street Journal, more than 30% of all online purchases are returned by shoppers! Consumers find comfort in knowing their wallets are not liable for their purchase if it’s not what they had inContinue Reading →

  • Going Global with Your Business

    According to Euromonitor International, cross global distance selling sales amounted to €616 billion in 2013, which is a whopping $765 billion – and it seems that everyone wants their piece of the pie. However, capturing a slice of this pie is not easy because simply making your products available in this global economy is notContinue Reading →

  • DHL Global Mail is now DHL eCommerce!

    It’s no secret the e-commerce industry is growing at an unbelievable rate—and shipping is at the very core of it all. Because of this, we are excited to announce our new brand name: DHL eCommerce. This change is accompanied by a new strategy focusing on becoming the #1 e-commerce related logistics provider for businesses aroundContinue Reading →